The creation of 
Dehler 36SQ "Beowulf"
Owners: Paul and Helen Field 
Beoware, Beofraid
Inside of hull with interior mouldings and bulkheads being fitted. At this stage, the hull is still in the mould
25th October 2005
Fresh out of the mould, with the deck fitted
25th October 2005
Deck and inner moulding assembly, view form the inside
25th October 2005
In the milling room, where all openings for windows, hatches etc. are cut and major holes are drilled
25th October 2005
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Galley looking forward
16th November 2005
Heads compartment
16th November 2005
Chart table and navigation area
16th November 2005
Nearing completion
22nd November 2005
Boat completed,  prior to dispatch, just awaiting upholstery and a steering wheel
6th December 2005
Loaded on trailer ready for transportation to Hamble Point, Southampton
6th January 2006
More photo's: "after launching" in February 2006 click here
More photo's: "after launching" in February 2006
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